the history of devine (annotated edition)

1999- Devine is formed by randy, with Nookiemnstr and brital0n. They had gotten tired of the lack of team play and organization in their former clan “Clan USA”. They recruit such players as Fajin, meth, wack0, gl0ry, zbot, TiZiK, ArchAngel, and Remer and timebomb and begin practicing hard as a team. Devine begins to compete on OGL 4v4 TDM ladder. Devine eventually takes #1 on OGL from b|d.

2000- Many of the older players have become inactive in the clan so randy decides it is time to recruit some new players. Whipl@sh and BliNk from clan No Mercy were the first to get recruited. With the addition of whipl@sh a new era of team play started, he brought with him a style of team play that was much like the top clans. Before this we had been a solid team with great players but little real ‘position holding’ and a lack of trust between members. We started working on holding positions and dropping each other weapons and began to get really good.

2001- Shortly after our rise as a solid team, like most other clans at the time, Devine perishes due to the fall of the OGL q2 TDM ladder, finishing this era with an OGL record of 29-7, q2 experiences its first real haitus since the game was released in 1997. After playing against such old school clans as inferno, DpG, o2, Valiant, HcT, dz, Version and the original b|d.

2003- Devine is restarted briefly by randy and fajin, a few TDM games get played, he recuits dyno, ni-ux, lunatic. This lineup eventually falls and everyone joins other clans

2004- Some talk about a 4v4 q2 league surfaces in the fall of 2004, all of a sudden bookshe1f and daized announce they are holding the league the "North American Death Match League" takes form and begins with an 8 week round robin, randy leaves H2O to form a crazy goof off pickup clan for NADML, dubbed "o2gp" the clan "Off 2 Gay Porn" was formed with BATMAN, daelmun, dyno and several others. The clan picks up sean as his clan eb (evidence burnaz) with adrenaline and others falls apart. o2gp plays round robin matches against clans such as Second Coming, Violent Gamers Association, Underground, H2O, pKs, and the Blood Brothers.

2005- NADML #1 goes into the playoffs, o2gp finishes the league in 5th place with a 2-8 record losing to VGA in the playoffs. we decide to reform into Devine, Fajin rejoins the team and we recruit kong, legion, DyN, SAINT and several others to maintain an active roster. We play a lot of scrims but without an active league q2 tdm seems to lag off so in the spring sean and daelmun decide to start the United DeathMatch League to get some competition going. Devine competes in the UDML #1 Ladder for almost eight weeks, going 3-3 against such clans as the newly reformed Black Dragons, niedobitki, ninja, VGA, demised and the diabolical souljas, Devine finishes the league in 3rd place behind b|d and VGA. We recruit wafflez and randy loses inet connection due to lack of availible services, sean takes over control of Devine, recruits rob, Rogue, banes, c-12, RailZ and others for upcoming UDML season #2 (fall brawl) thats taking place inside tastyspleen, shortly there after, orginal Devine member ParadoX rejoins the team. In november we celebrate being an active clan for a whole year. In december randy returns to Devine and we finish UDML #2 in 2nd place with a 11-1 record playing teams such as Virtue, team tastyspleen, diabolical souljas, losing to =RGT= in the finals.

2006- After the turn of the new year randy, fajin, ParadoX and others leave to join others to form clan "88" for the newly released Quake IV, after competing in a few leagues they return to combine 88 & Devine into one clan to play q2 and q4 tdm simultaneously, shortly after q4 teamplay dies and Devine returns to being Quake 2 only. We recruit adrenaline, kaitech and Prominent into the team. A new season of NADML is announced in the spring, we recruit fuZe and begin competing. NADML #2 wraps up in june and Devine finishes in 3rd place with a record of 3-4, with wins over Valiant, BTF and a round robin victory over Shining Force. ParadoX is called into active duty and leaves to fight in the middle east, we're still awaiting his return. In july/august we recruit m1lhouse and rob begns playing with us again, we have a brief run playing in the monsterkill railz community until being forced out and banned by the admins, after going (8-0) against .dc, vF, s2n, and BTF until the community basically whitered and all clan 4v4 railz games stopped being played, really they were lucky fajin was out of town. In november we celebrate being a clan for two whole calendar years, soon after a third season of NADML is announced by DaHanG, we recruit bliss, wafflez leaves to compete with synthesis's USA team and rob takes another leave to play with his clan second coming. Devine competes in NADML 3.

2007- Devine wins NADML #3 3:2 over team synthesis in the final after going 8:1 in their playoff bracket against sx, shining force, fires of judaism and the european team plus, most of the rest of the year has been quakeless, although there was one major quake 2 tournament, NADL (North American Duels League) where both randy and adrenaline made it into the playoffs. We recruited manipulator and orange and are looking forward to competing in NADML 4 and the instagib 3v3 tournament NAiL.

2008- Going into this year we are looking forward to another 12 months of q2

a big thanks goes out to all of you that have stuck it out with us, we appreciate it more than anythng.


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