NAiL, by sean on 19 Dec 2007
some updates, by sean on 17 Nov 2007
haha, by sean on 15 Aug 2007
Preparing for NADML, by randy on 28 Jul 2007
No News Is Good News, by randy on 22 Jul 2007


19 Dec 2007 by sean

weve had a team signed up (sean, randy, ad, rolx and krez) waiting to play this for like 6 weeks now, were told its beginning in another 3 weeks, however Fajin just joined the team, so its all over for the rest of you ;D

nah I'm j/k but its cool to have him back with us ;)

still no word on nadml 4, but with haunted in charge I don't expect much either

some updates

17 Nov 2007 by sean

not much news has been posted because they aren't sure when nadml 4 is happening


15 Aug 2007 by sean

seen this on a friends myspace, thought I'd repost it here :P

Preparing for NADML

28 Jul 2007 by randy

We (dev!ne) have made some pretty big moves for the next season of nadml. Aquiring str1ker (turkish NDML star) and man!pulat0r (U.S. Lift Camping Star). We feel that these moves lead us on the right direction to repeating as NADML Champs and further solidifying ourselves as the top team in the United States in 4v4 tdm.

No News Is Good News

22 Jul 2007 by randy

Not much has been going on in the Dev!ne camp as of late, I (randy) have been missing in action with no internet connection at home until recently, and the others have been doing random stuff with other clans in other mods. Most notably however, a great addition to our clan has been made in the way of Nebulous from clan 2c. Also I don't know if u guys saw, but Whipl@sh has found his way back to the channel (#dev!ne) so thats pretty cool news. -randy OUT

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