not much going on, by sean on 29 Sep 2006
#NADL - American 1v1 League, by sean on 02 Aug 2006
Rail Scrim, by adrenal1ne on 25 Jul 2006
Devine Q4 is back, by sean on 19 Jul 2006
2-0 over vF, by sean on 11 Jul 2006

not much going on

29 Sep 2006 by sean

been kind of dead around q2 lately, NADL didn't happen, rob has kind of disappeared

I updated the website some though, dropped the railz and q4 teams from the roster, all that shit is deader than disco

If anyone wants a scrim, pm us

#NADL - American 1v1 League

02 Aug 2006 by sean

Yet another american league has shown it's ugly head, this little endeavor is called #NADL, or north american duel league, a 1v1 group based elimination death match tourney (similar to daelmun's smackdown if you remember that far back) - anyways several deviners including myself, adrenaline, randy, dyn, milhouse and potentially others are all competing in this, feel free to check out the site and sign up if you have the free time, it's sure to be some fun. The league will begin shortly after qcon '06 to give the ppl competing there a chance to get home and organized.

channel - #NADL on irc
site -

Rail Scrim

25 Jul 2006 by adrenal1ne

mvp s2n for not d/cing

Devine Q4 is back

19 Jul 2006 by sean

reax, boom and myself have reformed to make another Devine q4 squad, were going to be playing some tdm/ra4 for now but hopefully were going to be breaking into the new delta ctf mod as it begins to pick up speed. if anybody wants to scrim msg one of us in our channel.

2-0 over vF

11 Jul 2006 by sean

GGz - mvp DyN

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