changes and updates!, by sean on 27 Jun 2006
Devine Railz, by sean on 13 Jun 2006
NADML Playoffs, by randy on 09 Jun 2006
Guess who's back?!?, by Luci on 10 May 2006
2006 Devine 1v1 tourney, by sean on 06 May 2006

changes and updates!

27 Jun 2006 by sean

ok well quite a bit has happened in the devine camp the past couple of weeks, I'll run it down for you real quick....

First off, as I'm sure most of you are already aware clan leader/founder randypants has decided to take a break from gaming for the time being. Good luck in your spare time rand7, if you ever decide to return to gaming we will be here waiting for you bro xD

Secondly, we finished NADML in third place for the season, after losing first round playoff match to shining force 2:0. Word is that the next season of NADML is going to begin in around 60 days, so be on the lookout for that.

Lastly, I've updated our roster to reflect the new railz team and the amount of inactive players we have since our q4 team dried up due to lack of a community to play in.

Devine Railz

13 Jun 2006 by sean

We have a railz team now

I'm sure all of you are as excited about it as I am

NADML Playoffs

09 Jun 2006 by randy

Clan Dev!ne is proud to annouce that we have made the NADML Playoffs with 13 points and in third place behind only FoJ and Shiningforce. We play shiningforce first round of playoffs, and with our only regular season meeting going our way (2-1 Dev!ne) winning dm7 and dm1 and losing dm6 in a epic 3 map battle that was seperated by only two frags, we are pretty happy with this matchup. The other competitors in playoffs FoJ, and vA ended in 1 win and 1 loss. The foj match was clan dev!ne's only 2-0 loss of the season, and valiant was a pretty respectable 2-0 win to ensure our bid into the playoffs.

Guess who's back?!?

10 May 2006 by Luci

Cox installed my cable today before work, tomorrow i'm picking up the modem and as soon as i call in the MAC, i'm gonna start playing again. So watch out ya's. Randy gonna get so 0wn3d he won't be able to pay his bills!
o and he will get beat down in quake as well. <3 rand

2006 Devine 1v1 tourney

06 May 2006 by sean

Last year we had an in clan 1v1 devine tourney, this year we've decided to do the same thing. You can find all the information about it by clicking the "Tourney" link on the main navigational menu to the left.

Let the games begin.

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