NADML and site changes, by sean on 05 May 2006
4v4 Scene, by sean on 02 May 2006
NADML Matches Update, by randy on 25 Apr 2006
Q4 TDM, by randy on 03 Apr 2006
NADML First week, by sean on 27 Mar 2006

NADML and site changes

05 May 2006 by sean

Well first off here's our current NADML standings....

Week #1: |D| vs. aR - 1:2
Week #2: |D| vs. EGO - 1:2
Week #3: |D| vs. FoJ - 0:2
Week #4: |D| vs. [+] - 2:1
Week #5: |D| vs. BTF - 2:0
Week #6: |D| vs. EoM - 2:0 (forfeit)

and now we're in week #7, final week of round robin, and in third place with 10 points, we play Valiant sometime soon (in the next week or two) for round #7, the maps are q2dm1, q2dm2, and q2dm8, we're really looking forward to this one.

In other news our previous website host ( has encountered some server problems so I've decided for the time being to move the site to's clan hosting, so everyone can give a big "TY" to quadz for our new hosting. I'm going to move the site to our own domain soon enough, but for now we're going to be here.

4v4 Scene

02 May 2006 by sean

Aye, it's me again. This time I'll just write a column on how the 4v4 scene in NA is struggling these days. It actually has for a while now, and allthough we try to spice it up with the UDML ladder, it's just not enough. So here I'm gonna just throw some ideas into the public.

So, what is the main problem with playing 4v4? Of course to get 4 players from each team to be online at the same time. Now, the playerbase in tdm is fairly limited already, and there are a lot of players that play some now and then. Not really the steady base of dedicated players needed to form good 4v4 teams. This result in clans being forced to either have huge rosters with more or less active players, it's just a matter of logic: the more players in a clan, the more likely it is that 4 of them is on at the same time. Or they just have to have very dedicated players that you can count on showing up on scheduled times. The last option is of course the better one if it works, that way the team will naturally get a good teamplay as a result. The first will result in clans having no steady lineup, and as a result it will practically make the clan less competivive as players aren't as active nor have the better teamplay.

When you look at the current clans now, there are not really any clans trying really hard to work on teamplay on certain maps, schooling players to play certain positions. Of course most people know how to play q2dm1, so the problem with large roster doesn't really come into picture when scrimming 4v4 on q2dm1. Anyone told to hold the water position or mega will instantly know what to do to a certain point. The problem is that the other maps suffer from a pretty random teamplay if the lineup consists of inexperienced teamplayers who don't know how to play the different positions on that map. It's just a matter of playing with a more or less steady lineup and you will naturally get the confidence and knowledge needed to perform well on the map, as well as a teamplay that works a lot better. It really is more fun playing 4v4 when you know that your teammates are pulling in the same direction, doing what was planned. That is pretty much what separates random pickup games from clan games. It's supposed to be somewhat organized. Instead of looking at your own stats, you look at the team performance at large, naturally the quadrunner will gather up the frags, but if the guy holding a more defensive position doesn't do his job it's hard to whore quad. As opposed to play for stats hiding and running away from battle to stay alive and keeping all the guns and keeping stacked at armor on the behalf of your teammates.

As it is now, there are really few active clans around. Blackdragons, devine, niedobitki and VGA are the only active clans in the UDML. Demised is active too, but they are no longer participating in the ladder. Unspoken is really dead, as they haven't played a single game in UDML or seen scrimming on servers. Ds seems to be struggling to scrim as well, haven't heard any requests for scrimming from them in months now. In general scrimming 4v4 is close to dead anyway. Blackdragons and niedobitki I'd say are the two most active clans these days, devine is behind and VGA doesn't scrim anymore either. Back in the NADML days, there were more clans, and even clans gathering up just for that league. Instead of new teams in UDML, we see teams fall apart instead.

But can they be blamed? Is it really that fun playing in a ladder where the top team, blackdragons, have the strongest roster available, and is pretty much undefeatable unless you get d1tzu to ring for your clan. When b|d started I think they were aiming for a few good members, but now they really have gathered all there is to find of good players in NA. Not one clan comes close. Back in NADML there were at least two fairly even clans: bloodbrothers and underground. When the best of both merge and form a new clan and also takes the good players they can find, it's pretty obvious they will be quite a powerhouse. To be honest there is no competition in NA for the best clan. With their current roster they will stay on top till it dies. I don't blame them really, if I was a top player I would like my teammates to be halfway decent too. But not sure it is for the best of the scene though, and if it turns to the worst noone will challenge them at all. A suggestion would to split the clan and get two really strong clans from it, bringing back some competition at the top level.

As for the other clans, they should have good games them inbetween. But they aren't really playing that much together. Last time Devine scrimmed we scrimmed a pickup team where two of the players got kicked off the server, so it never finished. Else it's hard for us to get a team going. We have members, but their not that often on at the same times. As for VGA they suffer from lack of members I guess, else they wouldn't recruited krez. dM is scrimming now and then though, well, at least once. But even their huge roster had to bring in 2 ringers in order to scrim b|d, and the two top scoring players were not even in the clan so go figure. They should have more than enough players to be active scrimming if you ask me. Niedobitki is the exception though, they seem to be the clan now that tries to get better. Often see them team up on servers, and play eachothers a lot. Thats a good sign, and they also have a roster that shows up on scheduled times (as they showed when playing NADML with 4 players in their roster). Don't know what kai does with his members, but he sure gets them to play. Ds isn't really good enough to compete with any of the other clans now, so of course everyone would want to scrim them as they would win and get some confidence.

Attitude. The general attitude in the NA scene is pretty bad at times, and especially when whiners team up with whiners. That's often what you get, people with bad attitude attracts others with similar attitude. What is the fun playing 4v4 when you spent twice the time playing to argue over servers, or over accidents during the game (*cough* krez *cough*) or just a clan not cooperating at all. It's a game of give and take, not what suits you best. I'll never expect the general shittalking "we own you" to go away, it's a part of the scene. But at least make sure the games are played in time in a as fair as possible way. If you need to bring ringers in, just say so, don't hide them behind aliases cause that just causes more harm than good. Cheating of course is not accepted at all, and even flirting with cheaters should be frowned upon (stick to real women). Anyway, do your talking on IRC and play on servers, especially in 4v4. When 8 people start to talk at the same time on a server, it can get pretty ugly.

Scheduling. Well, it's the weak point in the NA scene. People have a hard time scheduling. If a game is gonna be played at this and that time, be sure that you have memebers on at the time. And if not, could be nice to inform in advance so people with better things to do can do better things. Maybe be sure that at least 5 or more of your members are sure to be on at that time, cause we all know how fast things happen in real life causing delays.

Anyway, give the 4v4 scene a kick in it's lazy ass. Get some games played again, maybe a new clan can come to life. And yeah, support UDML.

NADML Matches Update

25 Apr 2006 by randy

Just a little update to let eveyone know where we are currently at for the nadml season. Shades of o2gp anyone? 1-2 L aR, 1-2 L ego (euro), 0-2 L FoJ. We play shining force next, and maps are q2dm6, 7, and tiebreaker will be q2dm1 (i think its called the edge). This should be a pretty interesting matchup but im not sure how familiar sf is with dm6. Maybe an upset in the makings? Tune in to DaHang's shoutcast to find out! . GL to everyone involved in this match!


03 Apr 2006 by randy

Clan dev!ne is proud to announce the addition of a quake 4 tdm team. We (88) decided it was time to come back to our roots and represent dev!ne in quake2 and quake4. Basically nothing has changed as far as the roster is concerned and we hope to bring more success our way in the near future. In closing, its good to be back in clan dev!ne on a more official term.


NADML First week

27 Mar 2006 by sean

We played aR last night for nadml week #1 and lost 1:2, I posed a couple of the demos from that match and some others from a scrim with BTF a few days before that in the battles section. We play Clan Ego (#clanego) next week for Round #2, that should be a good match. Also welcome Deathtoll and Prominent to Devine ;D

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