News?!?!, by sean on 08 Mar 2006
NADML Gearing Up, by sean on 05 Mar 2006
Site Updates..., by sean on 24 Feb 2006
Possibly new q2 league?, by sean on 18 Feb 2006
:D!, by Mya on 02 Jan 2006


08 Mar 2006 by sean

We almost have our NADML team together, the round robin's supposed to start pretty soon (within two or three weeks) so we're going to be scrimming some, if anybody wants to set something up pm me on irc in #dev!ne, also everyone welcome back C-12. ;DD

NADML Gearing Up

05 Mar 2006 by sean

For those of you that dont know, in the fall of 2004 daized and bookshe1f started a league called NADML, or North American Death Match League. This was a spinoff of the popular worldwide q2 tourney NDML. Anyways that project died in the playoffs first round, with us (Devine or o2gp as we were called back then) and VGA (been a long time since anyones heard that tag :P) being the only clans that bothered playing their play off match.

Now in the spring of 2006 rob (Element, 2c.10) has revived the league and is attempting another run at organized 4v4 q2.tdm. The way I understand it the rules and the timeframe are still being sorted out but the league for all intents and purposes is going to happen. Not sure if we are going to participate being as half the clan is kicking ass in q4 under the name "Team 88" and the other half being very inactive in q2. You can find the NADML website via the link below.

Site Updates...

24 Feb 2006 by sean

I decided to update the site a little this week, nothing big just a few things to give it a fresher look for 2006. :P

Possibly new q2 league?

18 Feb 2006 by sean

I just talked to haunted on irc and he indicated that a new 4v4 event could be in the works, I don't know how solid this is but it may be something to look forward too. To quote him...

[19:56] e|haunted: i think we might get a 4v4 league started again, along w/ the tourney q2 might be fun again :D
[19:56] |D|sean: id prolly play in a 4v4 or 3v3 thing
[19:58] e|haunted: me and element are considering to push the idea into reality, being that btf, 2c, my clan, remaining devine members, sx, eom, all have enough for a team

who knows, maybe q2 tdm will surface it's ugly head once again ;D


02 Jan 2006 by Mya

Happy New Year lovelies! <3

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