one more for the good guys, by sean on 08 May 2008
Devine wins NAiL 3:1, by sean on 17 Apr 2008
NAiL Finals..., by sean on 15 Apr 2008
NAiL Breakdown, by sean on 27 Mar 2008
rick supports NAiL, by sean on 27 Mar 2008

one more for the good guys

08 May 2008 by sean

Devine wins NAiL 3:1

17 Apr 2008 by sean

Well like the topic says, we beat SMURF 3:1 in the NAiL final tonight, updated the website quite a bit but most of it was on the demos section, added a 2008 page that spans every instagib tdm (team railz) game we've played since january, ggs to smurf, the fourth map (q2dm3) came down to a one (1) point win scored by krez in the last 2 seconds. You can find the link below...

As for whats next I don't think much, most of the key players in devine are all competing in different q4 clans/mods right now, doesn't look like theres going to be any upcoming q2 events, certainly not before summer so I guess that means were going to take a rest.

If anyone wants to scrim you can find us on irc. :P

NAiL Finals...

15 Apr 2008 by sean

semi finals win 3:0
ggs to |iR| - they should do well in the next instagib tounament

now we play SMURF (vigilante, leatha, scream) for the final, the way we are understanding the situation it won't be for three weeks as someone from their squad is going to be out of town, link below if you wanna check it out

also we had a q4 ictf team for about 30 hours, then what stephen calls "the merge" happened and now we aren't lol

NAiL Breakdown

27 Mar 2008 by sean

Week #1 Devine vs Clan Love (|D| 2:0)
Week #2 Devine vs Bros of Tru Fragging (|D| 2:0)
Week #3 Devine vs SaTaNsSouL's Syndicates (|D| 2:1)
Week #4 Devine vs Kill Em All (|D| 2:0)
Week #5 Devine vs Anxiety (|D| 2:0) FORFEIT
Week #6 Devine vs Violent Femmes (|D| 2:0) FORFEIT

had to retype all that out because my backup apparently didnt copy, had to reset the news feeder and make some other changes to the site today, ggs to everyone we played in the round robin though

on to the playoffs...

rick supports NAiL

27 Mar 2008 by sean

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