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My News, by ParadoX on 24 Dec 2005
R.I.P. UDML, by sean on 12 Dec 2005
Dev!ne 2v2 Tournament, by randy on 27 Nov 2005
Q4, by DyN on 20 Nov 2005


26 Dec 2005 by sean

Merry XMAS!

My News

24 Dec 2005 by ParadoX

I'd just like to take a moment to say: GO COLTS!


12 Dec 2005 by sean

Tonight Mya decided she wasn't going to run UDML for the winter season due to time constraints and various other reasons, none of which are very newsworthy. So since she has pulled out I've decided that UDML just needs to close its doors, at least for the foreseeable future. I would go into a big speil about why I don't care to find a way to continue but that story is so fuckin lame that I'd just as soon forget it.

Anyways, I've got lots stuff going in in my life and I hardly have time to q2 anymore, let alone maintain the website, so I think It's time to call it quits. UDML had two successful runs, which is more than I can say for other leagues before it like NADML that went into a haitus in the playoffs. I'm proud to have created it, we had over 100 played maps, the biggest 4v4 run since the OGL Open Ladder died in early 2002. I would like to thank dalmun and naymlis (they were the admins from the first season) and I would also like to thank Mya for all her work in the second season, I couldn't have gotten it done without you all.

I'm sure some of you are wondering why I posted this here, I wouldv'e posted this on the Tastyspleen/UDML site but I think I'm about done with all that. Since Laurelin left nothing seems to be right over there anymore.


Dev!ne 2v2 Tournament

27 Nov 2005 by randy

If anyone wants to get a in clan 2v2 tourney going, message me on irc or leave your name in topic of private channel. I was thinking randomly picked teams, but if everyone just wants to pick up a friend and go at it, im cool with taht too.


20 Nov 2005 by DyN

Quake 2 finished?
/ Team Devine / q2(inactive).q4.tdm.invite /
Whos moving to q4?
Whos not?
Whos finished?
Whos sticking around?

Hit me with some replies angry

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