New Member, by Mya on 13 Nov 2005
UDML Finals!, by sean on 17 Oct 2005
New member, by DyN on 15 Oct 2005
New website!, by sean on 12 Oct 2005
Playoffs!, by DyN on 10 Oct 2005

New Member

13 Nov 2005 by Mya

haha, this isn't exactly new 'news', but it is old news. :P Hi, I'm Mya and the newest member of devine. :D I'm representing the female population.

- Ms. Pink

UDML Finals!

17 Oct 2005 by sean

We beat Ds 2-0 last night for the UDML semi-finals, I uploaded those demos to the battles section plus the games vs. BTF for UDML round robin (DyNs pov) and an old game I found on chtv of us beating those dM crybabies (randy's pov) go check em out! :P

New member

15 Oct 2005 by DyN

Well it may be old news, but its NEWS non the LESS :D. Luci joins us, now we are even more leet. gg. So welcome him with open arms :) and , luci u need to give sean your name and age and loc for the profile.

This had been the morning news by your friendly neighbourhood dyn

New website!

12 Oct 2005 by sean

Just thought we needed a fresher look for this old team ;D

*EDIT* All of the links except for the forum work now, and it will be back up once we get new hosting.


10 Oct 2005 by DyN

12-2 and undefeated. Ranked numero uno at the udml standings, what say ye?

Next week it basically starts all over from scratch, like 0 points (consider it like that). But before we move into the grande beyond(e?) de udml, let us take a momemt to appreciate those who got us here:

randy : Ruthless and fearfull leader, but unfortunately from him..,well us he was busy/pc probs during the early rounds, he did however come back near playoffs and delivered some legit-BloWs, well him and kaitech vs btf..there was also another guy, whose name we need not speak off.

Sean : Quad runner extroadineer in the early matches which no doubt were crucial. These days he more shares this with wafflez.

Chiman/Fajin : Simply put, without him we wouldnt be here right now.

Wafflez : More than your average breakfast and certainly to breakfast in bed, if you want an idea of what waff was in these match
1) Make some hot tea
2) Pour tea in glass
3) Pure tea on your head while stirring gently

These are the top players and the backbone of out squad..GG

This has been the new NEWS to the hour, hosted by me
Your friendly neighbourhood dyn

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