?!@?@, by sean on 08 Sep 2005
untitled, by sean on 11 Aug 2005
wow, kind of a lots been happening, by sean on 27 Jul 2005
website restored :P, by sean on 11 Jun 2005
Devine tourney concludes, by sean on 20 Apr 2005


08 Sep 2005 by sean

hehe, I updated the site some today, added some demos from last weeks game against tastyspleen team #2 fajin's pov, you should check them out cuz he's the pwn.


11 Aug 2005 by sean

Well, we had another good couple of weeks, our practice schedule now is in clan practice sunday nights and 4v4 scrims every wednesday night, I would like as many of you guys as possible to start attending the practices sunday, it helped a lot going over the maps we played at our last scrim before hand. Also, we picked up banes, we lost brix to team tasty and our leader randy (been a while since you heard that name hehe) is going to be back as of next wednesday or thursday, so be ready.

wow, kind of a lots been happening

27 Jul 2005 by sean

Well about a week and a half ago I started re-organizing things here, I redid the website layout and recruited 4 new guys, so everyone needs to welcome Rogue, brix, Mercenary & c-12 to devine. We are also organizing some once a week scrims with Team Tasty, if anyone would like to participate in these plz pm me on irc.

Also, something happened to our hosting on clutch-gaming.org, I think daized didn't pay the bill, so I moved it to the murder187inc.com hosting that batman provided for me. As soon as I can I'm going to buy another domain so the address will quit changing and we can have a perm website again and I can have sql access.

website restored :P

11 Jun 2005 by sean

well as you can see I've put the devine site up on the clutch gaming's hosting for now, everyone can thank daized for our new home, it was even his suggestion that I put it up here. I've got an updated version of this site that I did about a month ago, I'll be uploading it as soon as I get some free time to work out the few remaining bugs. :P

Devine tourney concludes

20 Apr 2005 by sean

Well, our tourney came to a finish last night when I played randy for our final map which was fury (my pick) and he won I think 13-11. After that he played daelmun for the final match and won 3:0. I didn't get to see it but I understand it was pretty ugly as they both wanted to walk away the winner, tourney page has been updated if you feel like checking out how it all went down.

Anyways it was a well earned victory for randy as he had to play 3 matches in a row to dig his way back from the depth's of the losers bracket and win the thing, gg man.

Too bad it's not a bowling trophy :D

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