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United Death Match League (#udml), by sean on 04 Apr 2005
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Tourney Updates :P, by sean on 08 Mar 2005

another title here

13 Apr 2005 by sean

Well not much has been going on lately, I did find time to update the site this morning, added our new guy SAINT to the roster, he got his cable fixed last night and played in a late night scrim vs VGA. I heard he did pretty well for an old school badass coming off a long time hiatus. Everyone should welcome him into devine :P

Also, the devine in-clan tourney presses on, with the dael monte owning me me 3:0 (maps were dm7, dm3, and match1) knocking me to the losers bracket to face randy in the ever popular Losers Final!. I have updated the tourney page as well, only 2 matches remain.


United Death Match League (#udml)

04 Apr 2005 by sean

hehe just thought I would let daelmun's cool ass church sign generator get my message across for me :D

Anyways, udml is a new 4v4 ladder and Devine is going to be playing ninja to hold our #1 rung thursday. You can find the udml website here: I'm going to be adding a link and a button to it on here soon, I just haven't had time lately to mess with the clan site. Also, I've been informed that in a month or less this website will be moving because the hosting randy paid for last year will expire, pz

title here

31 Mar 2005 by sean

Well just wanted to make a post about our weekly team practice/meetings we are holding from now on. They are scheduled for wednesday @ 6pm cst and ***ALL*** of you need to be there or at least give notice to someone before then.


this and that

26 Mar 2005 by sean

I updated the roster and tourney pages tonight, randy beat deathtoll 3:0 and I added our new guy from trinidad DyN, everybody make him feel welcome. I dropped nibs off cuz he left us for valiant :/ & and soul cuz, well, who knows there. Also we're recruiting a couple of active players if anyone's looking for a clan, as always [attitude > skill] with us so if you think you fit in with that msg one of us in #dev!ne


Tourney Updates :P

08 Mar 2005 by sean

Well, round #1 of the devine tourney didn't go as smoothly as I had anticipated, due to several roster changes and some other personal issues the second bracket has been hung up for about 5 days, but I've decided to just hand out the forfeit wins and continue on. So, here's a quick rundown of what happened...

sean > nibs - 3:0 - (match1, ptrip, kryptonite)
deathtoll > no one - 0:0 - (......)
Fajin > randy - 3:1 - (dm7, dm2, dm1, rdm2)
daelmun > legion - 3:1 - (kryptonite, match1, dm2, dm3)

well looks like red's prediction's were off the mark somewhat, if you feel like checking out any of these matches, all of them have been uploaded onto the demos section, gg :D

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