red's round 1 predictions..., by sean on 26 Feb 2005
this is too funny..., by sean on 21 Feb 2005
Devine clan duels tourney :D, by sean on 20 Feb 2005
Site Updates!, by sean on 15 Feb 2005
Scrimming, by daelmun on 11 Feb 2005

red's round 1 predictions...

26 Feb 2005 by sean

I was looking at the comments section of dael's post on about our upcoming tourney and seen that redi0 made some predictions, here they are....

redi0 wrote:

"Wow nice.A tourney with good rules and maps.I like the first round matches awsome games cause its almost even all games.i will go and do some predictions.

In the nibs vs sean game i will go with nibs but i would like that sean wins.In the IB vs cartman game i will say Ib will win the match.This is my favorite game chi vs randy they are both good players but only one can win i will go with randy cause chi is making a comeback to q2 and he can be rusty.Here comes my pick to win the tourney. In Dael vs lego game dael should win the game and go on to win the tourney and if he dont do it i will have to beat him.(i have $200 if you win do ittt rofl :))"


this is too funny...

21 Feb 2005 by sean

hehe dark posted the link to this yesterday, I can't get enough of it :D

Devine clan duels tourney :D

20 Feb 2005 by sean

Me and dael have been talking about running an 8 man 1v1 q2dm tourney for a few weeks now, and since theres not much else going right now in q2 other than an occasional 4v4 scrim we figured "lets do it"

The tourney page can be found in the sites navigational menu to the left, we will be drawing for seeds in a day or two so you can check it again then for who you're playing. Have fun and good luck to all who are playing.

****ALSO, anyone that doesn't have the 11 maps we are playing in the tourney (you're in trouble if you don't have the maps :P) can go get them from ****

Site Updates!

15 Feb 2005 by sean

Well I've got a few things for you guys to look at, first is a project I've been working on known as FileSource. It's a files site that houses everything for q2 (and soon maybe q1 files as well) and we're going to be reviewing some new files as they are released, there is a link to it on the left and a button to the right, so go check it out. Next is the forum, I deleted the old phpbb and reinstalled a new one, but I think that the login error is still broken, if I can't get it fixed in the next day or two, I'm going to a .cgi based board that I can control easier. Finally, ep has decided to stop the holywater project and instead resurrect his "q2advanced" client but with the same anti-cheat technology, and you can find it HERE. h4ckers beware! :P

Oh yeah, and we picked up the ever popular fury! good lookin out on that one randy :P



11 Feb 2005 by daelmun

Just thought I'd drop by saying that we have had some successfull scrimmages lately, well, two to be precise. First was versus VGA who beat us again (no revenge for o2gp in other words), and the second vs a pickupteam put together by bookse1f. That q2dm1 game is a classic, close tense games where both teams were batteling for the victory till the very end. The dm2 game was a little more onesided and felt personally the teamplay wasn't up to par. But that's why we practice to get better.

The dm1 game can be found here . If you watch the demo you can see the teamplay on dm1 also has gotten better since the beginning of o2gp. So keep it up guys, think we need more scrimmages to keep fajin happy :)

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