it's all about smiles and cries -_-, by sean on 08 Feb 2005
Site updated again, by sean on 05 Feb 2005
A Few Updates..., by sean on 05 Feb 2005
New Website, Old Clan :D, by sean on 05 Feb 2005
A little about our history...., by randy on 05 Feb 2005

it's all about smiles and cries -_-

08 Feb 2005 by sean

well our scrim from bb tonight fell through cuz neither side had 4 players so if ANYBODY out there wants to scrim us plz send one of us a message on irc.

in other news we picked up two new clan members this week, legion & ILLBILL, so be sure to give the newbs a proper Devine welcome :D, also ep released another beta of his holywater client (this one actually loads without crashing on my pc btw :D) the new version is 1.6 and you can get it HERE and be sure to check out the poll he has going on a diff gl setup for the client HERE. thanks for tuning in :P

Site updated again

05 Feb 2005 by sean

Well I switched the site to php because I found a better script for updating the news and I've filled in some more info in the roster table. In a few days I will have the battles section finished, along with some other cool stuff.

In other news, evilpope has released a beta of his new anti cheat client "holywater" you can check it out HERE if you haven't already. Also bb wants to start having weekly scrims on tuesday nights @ 9:00 pm est, I'm posting something about it in the private channel as well so that you guys don't forget. pz.

A Few Updates...

05 Feb 2005 by sean

I've added a cgi script that allows you guys to post news & comments from a web based menu (and in a few days do some other things as well) along with a phpbb forum that everyone needs to register on. If you haven't already gotten your password for the news script log-in talk to me on irc about it.

Also, daelmuns name has been corrected on the roster, as requested. :D

gotta love those little flags :)


New Website, Old Clan :D

05 Feb 2005 by sean

Well since NADML is over (for us anyways) we thought we would try changing things up a little bit by moving the whole o2gp crew to Devine. This was a good move since most of us were tired of the clan name anyways, and as daelmun so eloquently put it, "You can only beat off to SO much gay porn" hehe :D

Anyhow, we're possibly looking to recruit a few good GX players for the upcoming tdm ladders/leagues, if you're interested pm one of us in our channel #Dev!ne on ETG or our emails are listed in the roster section of this site. gg.

A little about our history....

05 Feb 2005 by randy

Well let me give you a little bit of information about this clans history to start. A while back in about 99, when HcT and b|d were in their prime, 3 guys from the clan USA named Nookiemnstr(jason), Brital0n(andy), and n3wbi3(randy)decided that they would start a clan that would rival the two top clans of the time. The first recruit came in the way of a guy named wack0(later started valiant). Wack0(Rob) was a good friend of ours and it seemed inevitable that he join our ranks. The fourth recruit was an old HcT and RasC member named Glory Lin, he was a good friend of randys and joined without much begging :D. We five played together for a while before wack0 had an idea, "I know this guy named Fajin, he plays FFA but I bet he would make a good team player". With this statement the legacy of Dev!ne had began. Fajin quickly amazed us with his teamplay, and the already strong supporting cast complimented his abilities quite nicely. The next person to join was obvious, an old East Coast Assassin named ZBot, and his aim complimented his alias quite well. After this, another oldschool player aliased as the name impulse (meth) joined and although he never played an ogl match with us, was a great team player and owned in all of the scrimmages that he played in. Brit knew a few guys from the old q2 clan No Escape (#noescape), named TiZiK and ArchAngel, and they too joined the ranks. At this point we joined the OGL ( and began tearing it up amazing winning 9 games in a row and quickly moving to 4th place on the ladder without a defeat. We picked up a few more solid recruits in the way of, Whipl@sh from the old clan NM (#nomercy), his buddy bLiNk, TremuRR (beep of #actusreus), outbr3ak (#2c), a couple west coasters (ruKus and BS), and w33d (#roachmotel). At this point we decided to challenge HcT for #1 on ogl. The maps picked were Q2dm1, Q2dm8, and the tiebreaker Colours of War. HcT amazed us with their teamplay on The Edge, and quickly took a commanding lead. The Dev!ne team of Archangel, gl0ry, TremuRR, and Fajin, scrapped their way back to make the match respectable and lost by about 18 in a high scoring battle where both teams eclipsed the 80 frag mark. Next was The Warehouse, which was dev!nes best map. The dev!ne roster for this map was Fajin, Nook, ZBot, and gl0ry. HcT could do little to stand up to the knowledge and control that Dev!ne had on dm8 and silently bowed out on this map 110-30 (Fajin went 29-0 without powershield). The next map was colours of war, another strong map for both teams. This would prove to be the best match of the three going to two overtimes where Unity(#demise) would get a ssg kill from a running gl0ry to take the match by one point. Dev!ne went on to take #1 from b|d pretty easily later and kept #1 for quite some time, finally reaching 23-7 on ogl before deciding that q2 was no longer for us. Some of us stayed around to continue q2 joining different clans. Here we are now, in September of 2004, and Dev!ne is back for another go at it. OGL isn't around anymore, and most of the old members are long since passed, but we are still here playing q2, so we figured we might as well have fun with the clan that we all loved Dev!ne (#dev!ne). Well that was my rant, so I hope at least one or two people take the time to read it, proboly not though. If you were in Dev!ne and i accidentally didnt say your name im sorry, I know there was more, but I am just doing this off the top of my head and with the help of a few old demos, so I appologize.

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